Luke Anthony was born and raised in Cambridge.  He spend much of his childhood entertaining his family, friends and audience members at amateur & professional theatre productions.

After finishing school took a break from stand-up comedy, acting and directing but has since been reunited with these beloved talents.

In his adulthood he also took to presenting on local radio stations and discovered that he has a natural ability to drive captivating conversations on his radio talk show, podcast and online spoof news show.

You can hear him on multiple platforms including Cambridge 105 Radio, Soham Radio,  Star Events Online, The Comedian’s OutLuke Podcast other many other places.

Tune in every Tuesday at 6pm on Cambridge 105 Radio for his weekly prime time show CB1 & Beyond which hears stories from the heart of the community.

Luke interviews stars from the entertainment, children entertainment, sports, food and any stars in between for Star Events Online.

You can also hear Luke between 7-8pm every Thursday on online radio station Soham Radio with his show Just Good Music with Luke Anthony. A solid 2 hours of just good music and possibility some records you’ve never heard.

Get in touch if you need an excellent voice-over artist, presenter, comedian, screenwriter and d’you know what? Get in touch regardless, he’d give most things a go at least once… except working in an orchard – he has an entirely rational fear of Wasps.

Comedy CV

Luke Anthony is an anecdotal stand-up comedian with many moods and the uncontrollable desire to share self-deprecating stories to onlooking, laughing, sadistic audiences up and down the country. He regularly performs 10-20 minute sets and is currently writing an hour.

Many stand-up gigs include:

Backyard Comedy Club, Downstairs at The King’s Head, Mirth Control Comedy, Big Deal Comedy Club, Glass Eye Comedy Club, Hooma Comedy Club, The Bridge Comedy Club, Healing Comedy Club, Highwire Comedy Club, Liquor Loft Diaries

‘Luke’s likeable personality instantly gets the crowd on his side. Combine that with his well thought out jokes, anecdotes  and life experiences then you really can’t go wrong.’ —Danny Mark, Glass Eye Comedy

‘Luke Anthony is a likeable character who tackles hard-hitting issues with confidence and poise’ —Aaron Spalding, Glass Eye Comedy

‘An engaging comic with a clear passion to do well. His unique stories keep us wanting more’ —Dom Mackie, world-touring stand-up Comedian