The Comedian’s OutLuke – Some Bonus Bits

Here are a couple of fun clips that didn’t make the final cuts but are very funny snippets.

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The Comedian’s OutLuke – The 50th Episode

The Comedian’s OutLuke has reached it’s 50th Episode and it’s with the amazing Rob Coleman! Go have a listen to that and all the other excellent episodes.

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Katerina Robinson | The Comedian’s OutLuke

Katerina Robinson is a classically trained actress who put her natural ability to make people laugh to the ultimate test and also became a stand-up comedian. She joined me for a lovely conversation.

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Tiffany Trethowan | The Comedian’s OutLuke

Tiffany Trethowan was a Yellow Comedy New Comedian of The Year Finalist in 2019 and was beginning to see the rewards for her excellence before some global thing happened to us all.

We had a lovely virtual chat about comedy, life and that big thing that’s in the news.

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Twitter: @Tiff3rs

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