Katerina Robinson | The Comedian’s OutLuke

Katerina Robinson is a classically trained actress who put her natural ability to make people laugh to the ultimate test and also became a stand-up comedian. She joined me for a lovely conversation.

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Tiffany Trethowan | The Comedian’s OutLuke

Tiffany Trethowan was a Yellow Comedy New Comedian of The Year Finalist in 2019 and was beginning to see the rewards for her excellence before some global thing happened to us all.

We had a lovely virtual chat about comedy, life and that big thing that’s in the news.

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President Obonjo: Coronavirus Update

President Obonjo joined me for a special news conference  to update the world on Lafta Republic’s actions to prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus infecting his people.

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Spencer Brown | The Comedian’s OutLuke

Spencer Brown is a multi-talented comedian, director, actor, presenter and recently a novelist with his hilarious book The Rebuilding of Tom Cooper (link below).

He joined me at The Greyhorse Pub, also home of the Crack Comedy Club for a chat about life, comedy and his plans to write brilliant novels.

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Stuart Goldsmith | The Comedian’s OutLuke

Stuart Goldsmith is certainly a ‘Comedian’s Comedian’ who has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe every year for 25+ years and we caught up just before his final performance of his tour show, ‘End Of’

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Louie Green | The Comedian’s OutLuke

Louie Green started comedy with his close friend Danny Mark, which sparked the birth of Glass Eye Comedy.  In this episode Louie speaks about his comedy, mental health and how in spite of his struggles he has continued to entertain audience around the country.

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