The Comedian’s OutLuke | Katie Pritchard

Katie Pritchard is one of the most unique, most talented, most excitable and loveliest comedians on the circuit. She’s progressed rapidly, won highly acclaimed competitions and just keeps impressing wherever she performs. Her new show Storm Stud is absolutely brilliant, she’s previewing it in many different places in the run up to Edinburgh – I really really recommend going to see it.

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Find her on all the social medias: – Facebook: | Twitter: @katiepritchards

Go see her show Storm Stud:

Edinburgh Preview | 7pm – 22nd July @ The Bread & Roses Theatre 68 Clapham Manor Street, London | TICKETS:`

Edinburgh Preview | 8pm – 25th July @ Howl Comedy, Academy Espresso Bar, Barry, UK | TICKETS:

Edinburgh Fringe Festival | 6pm – 3rd-13th, 15th-24th August @ PBH’s Free Fringe, Globe Bar, Niddry Street | TICKETS:

Photo by: Victor Pãtrãsçan